Phyllis & Jack

Dear Grace and Family: 

What can we say… First there is King, an older kitten who joined our family. King is truly a beautiful, regal boy.  He’s extremely intelligent and loves being wherever his family is.  He had absolutely no problem fitting in with our 4 parrots; 3 macaws and one lilac crowned amazon. Fourteen months later, our second Graro Maine Coon, Bear came into our lives. Bear is a beautiful, cuddly, playful kitten who is also extremely intelligent. King and Bear quickly became friends and now they love playing and hanging out together. Both cats are loving, gentle, highly intelligent, beautiful and we are so happy they’ve joined our family.

Anyone can see that it’s not only your knowledge of Maine Coons, but it’s the care you give them that makes them such beautiful animals.

Thank you for blessing us with King and Bear,
Phyllis and Jack, Lake Ronkonkoma


Ok let's see what I can say about Benjamin as a testimonial.

A little over one year ago my partner Denise & I were looking to adopt a Maine Coon. I had just lost my 1st Maine Coon 6 months earlier. I adored Jasper but a month after his passing we adopted Kali who is a Maine Coon mix rescue.

After searching online I came across Grace's website. Benjamin was the only boy in the litter along w/3 other females. I wanted a male because I had lost my beloved male & loyal friend. After filling out the application Grace called me in about 1/2 hour. We talked about Maine Coons ect.

I had not yet met Benjamin in person but we put a deposit down anyway. 2 weeks later we went to Grace's house & met our sweet Benjamin for the 1st time. We were there for a good hour. Grace was very very helpful in answering all of our questions plus very knowledgeable on their care & any vet questions.

You could tell that Benjamin & all of the other kittens/cats were brought up with love & were taken very good care of. Grace called as soon as we got home to check on Benjamin. His first steps he took he kept kneading throughout the house. I will never forget it. I said to Grace "who does that?" meaning literally right away.

He was so adorable right from the beginning. She said that he might hide & to separate them at first but just the opposite happened. Benjamin was very comfortable here & adapted to his new environment sleeping on the pillow above Denise's head the 1st night. To this day he still wakes up up licking her hair & forehead fast & furiously when he wants to be fed in the morning. He also gets along very well with his sister Kali. He looks out for her & is it so good to see such a close bond considering she was a rescue cat. That was a big concern.

Graro Maine Coons & Grace breed gorgeous Maine Coons. Jasper my 1st Maine Coon was the runt of the litter. Ben & him have 2 completely different personalities. But that is a good thing in a way.

Grace was very helpful answering any questions or concerns we had with Benjamin. He has been a true joy & welcome addition to the family. He certainly keeps us up on our toes with his play as a clown like male Maine Coons does. We made the right choice by getting Ben from Grace.

I cannot say it enough that if you are looking to bring happiness, love and joy into your home then Graro Maine Coons is the BEST place to go to find the next Maine Coon of your life!! You will not regret it nor be disappointed. And Thank You Grace for all of your help & all of the love you have put into raising these babies before they go off to their new homes.



I adopted a Maine Coon From Grace in November. When I first met him he didn't seem to be too friendly. I'm so glad I decided to adopt him. The first night I had him sleep in the den to keep him separate from my other cats. He slept on a pillow next to me. The next day he didn't want to be separated from me or my other cats. He passed his physical exam at my vet.

Perazzi loves to play, he'svery fiesty. Every morning it's play time.

Grace gave me a lot of information on feeding, introducing Perazzi to my other cats. Grace was available for any questions I had. I wish I could adopt 10 more! Would definitely adopt from Graro Maine Coon again.




Cats, cats, cats!!!! I love them all!!!!

A cat has owned me all my life and one will continue to own me the rest of my days. In fact, one than one will continue to own me. When it comes to cats, "more IS merrier". My rule of thumb is to at least have's twice as much fun with no more work. My other "rule of thumb" when in comes to cats is "always adopt a cat rather than a kitten". Cats must sense that I'm one of them because all of my adopted adult cats have always claimed me as their person and have allowed me to be the center of their world as if I, myself, had given them life. When it comes to kittens, they're like "a box of chocolate". "You never know what you're gonna get". Their personalities haven't yet developed. It could go either way (warm, cozy cat; hissy, spitty cat). However, with an adult cat, you do know what you're getting. They are already in full cat personna. Yes, it may take a little while for an adult cat to "warm up" to his new family but they do warm up and then you can't imagine them not owning you. My first Maine Coon took a few months to warm up to me. Every day I would look at the cat grouch face and pet him, telling him that he has the best home. I thought he would never come around. Boy, was I wrong!!! My huge 7 year old, eighteen pound, gray Maine Coon named The Beast (name came with him) had me wrapped around his big, fat baseball mitt of a paw (he had an extra digit in his front paws). It was that cat that led me to Sawyer, a beautiful 3 year old, gray, Maine Coon from Grarov Maine Coon Cattery. I adopted him a little over a month ago. He is a wonderful addition to our family of 6, two of which are feline family members. I couldn't believe how quickly Sawyer "took over". It was only about 2 weeks and Sawyer was on my lap, sitting on the couch watching evening T.V. with me (or my husband). He took to everyone, even my 2 and 3 year old. He'll go to whomever will scratch the back of his ears the best (usually me). I am so glad this cat is now a part of my family. There is such a great joy in owning (adult) cats. Kittens only stay kittens for a short while. Then they are full fledged adult cats. Why not just adopt an adult cat and give them a chance. Kittens get all the "chances". There grown up counterparts need all the chances they can get. In fact, get two grown-ups, they're twice as much fun and not any more work!

Happy cat mom to Sawyer

John & family

john jaimeson testimonial.jpg

Roberta G.

Dear Grace,

Thank you so much for having such wonderful kittens—and for your thoughtful guidance as we figured out which of your guys would be best for us. You answered every question, anticipated every need—and—quite gently, led us to our two new boys, Sinatra and Dino! As you know, we were devastated by the loss of Carlos. We had gotten him from you—because we were told of the quality of your Maine Coons. When we told you about Carlos, you remembered him—with all the cats you’ve had, you still knew who he was… and that is one of the reasons why you are such a perfect cat breeder. You know—and remember, all of your, “babies”. Sinatra and Dino fit right into our family… they are perfectly comfortable with our big dogs and with Moses, our 14 year old coon. They are well-mannered…very clean, very social and too cute for words. It’s easy to tell that they were well loved because they are so mushy…they are used to being snuggled and kissed! When we brought Sinatra and Dino to the vet for their well-kitten exams, he was impressed by their beauty and physical structures…though he had a hard time examining Sinatra because of the kitten’s very loud—and continuous—purr! The vet was also impressed by the thoroughness of the boys’ records, particularly the health charts.And thanks for always responding to my texts while we were waiting for the kittens to be released… and then after we brought them home… I couldn’t help |but send you picture after picture. They are amazingly adorable, though—right?

Our family is blessed by having Sinatra and Dino—and by knowing you. In fact, the only thing that would make you even more perfect in our eyes is you letting us adopt Wolfie! I would—and do—recommend Graro Cattery, without reservation, to anyone who wants a very special cat in her/his life.

Thanks, again -
Roberta G., N.Y.


Jeenean B

We have 6 Maine coons from Grace. They are all extraordinary. The first one and last one we bought I need to speak of. Snowey our first, we bought because our oldest daughter was quite ill and we felt a Mainecoon would lift her spirit's. After speaking to Grace at length, she picked us out the perfect cat. Snowey stayed at my daughter's bed anytime there was a flare up. She will also go to any family member if they are ill. Our last Mainecoon, Batman is the smartest animal on earth. He spends his days observing what we are doing only to try to repeat it. I was in amazement when I used our water and ice maker on fridge door and as I turned my back, Batman has water and ice falling to the floor, standing tall pushing the buttons. Batman has a soft meow. One night he persistently and loudly meowed at me, blocking me from moving a step. I said "what's wrong" He ran downstairs. I followed him only to find Snowey had gotten her head stuck in a small vase. She was saved by my husband but we believe Batman is the true hero. Thank you Grace for all of our special cats. We have 4 children and our Maine coons are our children too. 

Jeenean B., N.J

Marilyn & David

Hi Grace,
Dave and I are so appreciative your helping us find our therapy cat Gandolf. I remember how helpful and responsive you were when I called and explained how important temperament was to my therapy work with children and adults who have developmental disabilities, autism, or are seriously ill. You were so cooperative and everything has worked out beautifully. I wanted to tell you all about Gandolf's experiences; however, he told me he was old enough to tell his story. So here we go:

Hi Everyone,

My name is Gandolf... Cool...right? ...and this is my story.I was born on March 17, 2011 on Long Island and the Graro Cattery. We are Maine Coon cats and known as the gentle giants of the feline world. My birth Mom and Dad were great parents and I had lots of brothers and sisters. My birth Mom told me that one day people would visit looking for a forever pet and we would find a forever home. Every time we had visitors I was on my best behavior... but no one wanted a Cameo. I was sad to see all my brothers and sisters leave. Suddenly I was all alone—except for my best bud Eddie who was also the last of his litter. We had fun playing and we had a good home—but not a forever home!!!!

One day when I was nine months old, my birth Mom said visitors were coming from New Jersey and they were interested in having a Maine Coon with the right temperament for therapy work. Ther-a-py work? what is that? Well, you visit children and adults in hospitals and nursing homes. You also do educational visits to schools and fairs. Also, you visit libraries and children read stories to you.You mean I get to so outside? and visit people and go places in the car? Yes, but always with your forever parents and wearing a halter. I thought: ther-a-py work sounds like fun!! I was so excited and could not wait to meet the visitors.

Finally they arrived and Eddie and I were to receive special attention as the older kittens because the people liked our pictures! The man was very tall and quiet; the lady was very short and quite excited to visit us was on my best behavior and rolled over on my back to be petted ( I know, it was kind of being a show off... but I was desperate to find a forever home) and remembered to remain calm and not show how excited I was... because that's what ther-a-py work is all about! Good news!! I found my forever family and would be moving to New Jersey. I was sad to leave my bud Eddie, but so happy to finally have a forever home.

My forever home has two ther-a-py dogs... yes, you heard me right two dogs. One is a very large Newfoundland named Jet Star who is so cool and laid back. When not working he sleeps and sleeps!They also have a Golden Doodle named Dusti Rose who loves to play and has lots of energy. I have lots of toys, yummy food, We travel every weekend to an old farmhouse in New York State so I get to ride in the van with my new brother and sister. My forever Mom in Marilyn; my forever Dad is David. I listen carefully when forever Mom talked to me about ther-a-py work and we practiced every morning. It is important work. Mom found a red cat stroller for me... it is really cool... on walks I can see outside on all four sides yet I am perfectly safe! One day, Mom said we were be going to be evaluated for ther-a-py work. I hope I pass! To get ready I had my first visit to the groomer, my first bath, and first everything. It was along ridein the van, but I was in the red stroller so I was comfortable and could see everything outside. When we arrived, we were greeted by two evaluators and a roomful of people who wanted to meet me. Mom lifted me out of the stroller and said : be yourself, have fun, and all will be well. I was passed to the evaluators who touched my feet and tail and brushed me; then they passed me around the room to sit on stranger's laps; then some people came in on crutches and in wheelchairs; then they dropped loud "things" and rattled and made noises. They also brought in an unfamiliar dog to greet me: no problem, with a 175 lb New-fie and 70 lb Doodle at home I was not frightened. He was really a great guy and a working ther-a-py dog... we got along fine. Mom and I were thrilled when the evaluators added my scores and announced that I passed! Mom was so excited and called everyone to let them know.

I am officially a "working pet partner" and I am very happy. I have a photo ID for work, business cars, and I am even insured by Creature Comforts my ther-a-py group. I have been invited to attend the local library's summer camp in July and have children read to me in the afternoon.

A special shout out to my cattery mates and especially my best bud Eddie, who Mom tells me has also found a forever family and home. We older kittens can be great!!!

Lots of love,


We were so concerned after adding one of Grarov's kittens to our home when Grace suggested that we add an older kitten next as opposed to a "baby". We let her show us who, in her opinion, would be the best suited knowing who we had as our pets already. Not only did we leave with one, but also took a second "teen" as we couldn't make up our minds!! It took 2 hours! Not only did they acclimate to our 3 originals and the baby, but inside of 3 hours they were all kissing and grooming each other!! There is a tender knowledge that Grace and her family have with every cat they produce and care for that is so far beyond expectation, that we would never stray from her professionalism and nurturing. Maine Coons give everything an owner could want but when you add Grace's attention and love, it's an unbeatable combination that shows you that there is nowhere else to go!! She has arrived at perfection and you are lucky in every way to work with the fine lady!!!

Laura from Ronkonkoma


Matt W. & Family

We are so grateful for Grace's continued availability to help us and answer questions about our cat Atticus!  He was having some bowel issues/difficulty, and Grace was knowledgeable enough to know that it was likely due to the fact that he was eating predominantly dry food. So, we switched to pretty much just feeding him wet food, and it's made a HUGE difference (normal bowel movements now—and, to top it off, barely any odor, as strong odors can be attributed to a diet high in kibble—another thing Grace enlightened us to). Atticus has been the MOST wonderful addition to our lives, and we can't thank Grace enough for all of her spot-on advice and guidance, even months after we first brought our cat home!

Matt W. & Family

The Christine W. Family

All these kittens & cats are absolutely gorgeous. The pictures do not do them justice! The breeders are caring and dedicated people!

The Christine W. Family

Barbara H. & Family

The kittens are very intelligent, curious, and sweet tempered. Grace is a very easy person to deal with, fair, accommodating and very knowledgeable. Our whole family highly recommends her cattery to anyone interested in purchasing Maine Coons.

Best Regards,
Barbara H. & Family

Roberta B.

The day that I picked up my boy King Jordan, Grace took the time to show me all of her cats and kittens. She and her family were all there and they all made me feel like one of their family. All of the cats and kittens are so beautiful and well cared for If I decided to get another kitten Grace's cattery is the place I would go.

Roberta B., Ozone Park, NY



I just adopted a beautiful boy kitten "Brooklyn" from Graro. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience. Grace is knowledgeable and compassionate. As a new mother I was somewhat nervous but knowing that I could call Grace about any concerns was very comforting. "Brooklyn" is beautiful and healthy and is showing all the positive traits of the breed.

Andrea, Whitestone

Christina C.

Our darling Sebastian is an absolute joy! He is a sweet, friendly boy and a bit of a clown too! He is so easy-going and fit right with our other pets. Thank you for our newest addition!

Christina C., Huntington, NY

Michelle S.

You should know that I really think YOU are great. I was extremely fortunate to be able to bring home 2 Maine Coon Kittens: Zaskar and Emmy Lou. What a pleasure! Both are very social and well behaved, clean, healthy and extremely affectionate. Chosing Graro Kittens was a fantastic choice for Breed and Temperament, however you, Grace, gave me individual attention that made me feel like I was your only client. Your Cattery is extremely well run and your attention to detail made mevery well prepared for the "Kids" that I was about to bring home. Thank you for bringing Life and Kitten Love back in my home.

Michelle S., Plainview, NY