Buying Policies


At Graro Cattery you are entering a home, our home where we raise my four children along with their Maine Coon pets, an English Mastiff at 185 lbs. and your future babies... please keep that in mind when visiting. We welcome your interest, your visits too... however always MAKE AN APPOINTMENT before visiting and make sure you have read our rules, our contract summary and NYS Pet Lemon Law provisions as this will avoid any misunderstanding.

Our kittens are guaranteed FeLV & FIV neg at the time of purchase. 

Please Note: No bathroom facilities for visitors is available on the premises. 


At Graro Maine Coons your pet is guaranteed under the NYS Pet Lemon Law CFA pedigree registration papers supplied upon proof of neutering/spaying within 4 month period. Read more about the law here... 

1. Contacting Graro Maine Coons: 

  • Please Read Important Policies on our Buying Policies Page.
  • E-mail Us with a valid Phone Number upon which we will send our Adoption Questionnaire for you to complete.
  • We will contact you within 48-72 hours to discuss available Maine Coons and when you can visit our cattery to select a kitten.
  • If you are going on vacation, please do not make an appointment or place a deposit until you return.

2. Visiting Out Cattery: 

(Kitten visits can only be scheduled after they turn 12 weeks of age.)

  • Our policies are the result of many years of breeding experience...And therefore are NOT OPTIONAL.
  • It is the best way to guarantee the healthiest environment for our kittens, parents, and your future pets.
  • Misrepresenting the purpose of your visit i.e. buying a pet to use as a breeder, attempting to breed your pet, will result in legal action.
  • Please always schedule an appointment. No appointments will occur before 12PM, we will try to accommodate your schedule.
  • Always remember to call us if: something comes up or you will be late or cannot come or you need to re-schedule.
  • There will be a $35 cattery non-refundable fee charged at time of scheduling for viewing kittens (can be applied to your purchase).
    Additional visits will require a payment of $35.00 fee for each visit.


  • Only 3 cats may be viewed at each 45 min. sitting.
  • As visitors, we ask you not to exceed 2 ADULTS ONLY, no extended members, please do not come as a group of people.
  • NO Children under 16 are allowed at Graro Cattery UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES due to safety considerations and for minimizing undue stress on our cats and kittens.
  • If you or anyone in your household is ill with an upper respiratory or communicable infection please DO NOT visit our cattery until you have recuperated as our cats & kittens are very suseptible to airborne bacterias & illnesses from outside sources.
  • Kittens and cats as with most mammals are very Scent-Sensitive. DO NOT WEAR perfumes, lotions, or creams on visiting day as the scent will send kitty running away or acting overly shy or unfriendly.
  • If you or any person with you has an accident, is scratched, or bit we are not responsible, by coming to our cattery you accept the risks involved.
  • If we have a queen suddenly start labor, we will need to cancel the visit. We cannot have visitors come at that time. We will call you and reschedule.
  • We devote much of our attention on our cats, and are happy to spend time with those that are interested in purchasing our kittens/cats but please keep in mind that we cannot have visitors stay more than 1 hour, it becomes very interruptive to our day. Our limit is 4 visitors in one day, at 2 hour intervals, therefore please allow for traffic and be prompt for your appointment.
  • Please familiarize yourself with our *Buying Policies* prior to visiting.


3. Kitten/Cat Payment & Pick-up: 

  • We now accept PayPal payments for both deposit and full purchase price. We DO NOT accept checks. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. 
    You may pay Appt. Fee, Deposit and Balance Due via PayPal invoice.
  • We no longer sell to Breeders. We will not ship internationally or in the USA. Purchasers will need to pick up any cats/kittens in person.
  • All payments must be cleared prior to scheduling a pick-up date & time. 
  • Litter Release Date indicates the earliest date a kitten can leave for it's new home, without exception.
  • All Kittens will not be viewable until their RELEASE DATE (after 2nd shot).
  • If you would like to purchase a kitten, a deposit will hold that kitten until they are ready to be released.
  • If you wait until their Release Date to purchase there is very good chance they will be already sold.

I ONLY accept CASH or Square (accepting major credit cards) on the day of pick-up. I DO NOT accept checks on day of pick-up or PayPal within one week of pick-up. All deposits MUST be cleared before scheduling pick-up. If you arrive with a check for balance due on day of pick-up I WILL NOT be able to release your pet.

The entire purchase process must be completed in one week's time. Pick-up must be scheduled within one week of all payments being cleared. 

If you cannot pick-up your pet in this timeframe, arrangements must be made and a Boarding Charge of $100 per week will be charged.

Delivery by car:
Personal delivery by car is possible for a fee (depends on location). This could be the entire way or half or partway. Contact us for more information.

Thank you again for your cooperation and understanding. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Warm regards, Grace Rovtar and the entire Rovtar family at Graro Maine Coons. 

"Kittens at Graro are raised along side our family and their health is our top priority. Our environment helps to give you a very affectionate and well-rounded cat. Our Maine Coons are companions raised in a nurturing environment." 

Grace Rovtar, Owner of Graro Maine Coon Cattery