Scammers promising kittens for $700 and delivery for $100+ air freighted right to your door are NOT Graro. I have no affiliation with them.

After giving me the information, you can flag them for being scammers and hopefully help me to get rid of these thieves. this is the fifth time that they’ve done this, only to close down and open another website up.

Adoption Questionnaire

Understanding our Policies

1. No children under 16 allowed at our cattery.

2. No restroom facilities on the premises.

3. We do not have Handicap accessibility

[a.] Where the Kittens/Cats are shown has 3 steps to enter. Please keep this in mind if there is a physical disability that affects anyone coming.

4. No more than 2 persons per visit.

5. $35.00 visitation charge if kitten/cat is not purchased.

6. Deposits are Non-Refundable.

[a.] If you have young children, be aware that there are no refunds on a purchase. Please have your children tested for allergies before choosing any pet. If your children have/develop allergies there are no refunds.

7. Come prepared with payment and carrier.

 [a.] Cash is preferred.

 [b.] Alternatively we accept major credit cards, but the fee is 2.85%

8. We do not sell to first-time cat owners.

9. When scheduling an appointment, be aware of the following:

[a.] Appointment time is when you are to be here.

[b.] If you are traveling a long distance, please take into account: traffic, accidents, road work, etc.

[c. If you arrive early, just call. I may be able to accommodate that.

[d.In the event that you run into an unforeseen obstacle, or an emergency arises; call or text please. Let me know that you will be a little late. In the past, I've waited hours for people who ran into travel obstacles after leaving late. I will no longer be seeing those who could not be on time for their appointment.

10. Do not wear / use any alcohol-based or strong-scented products: i.e perfume, anti-bacterial wash, etc.


We will contact you by phone within 48 hours of receiving the completed questionaire.
Please complete all of the necessary information and press the "SUBMIT" button below.

Please tell me about yourself and your home: 

Name *
Address *
Phone *
Are pets permitted where you live?
Do you own more than one residence requiring travel?
If "yes", will the pet travel with you?
Tell us about your readiness to own a Maine Coon.
Have you ever owned a Maine Coon before?
Maine Coon age preference?
Gender preferred?
If a kitten/cat of opposite gender is available would you be willing to accept it?
Are you comfortable with the cat's medical care needs during its lifetime?
Can you administer medication if ill?
Are you truly ready for the lifelong responsibility & care of a Maine Coon cat?
I certify: *