Payment Information

**Please be sure to read and understand all our selling polices below.** 

To begin the process of purchasing a kitten

1. You may pay $35.00 Cattery Visit Fee  (we will email you an invoice)

2. Once you are ready to purchase a kitten a deposit will be required (we will email you an invoice)

A deposit of $500 must be made using any of the payment types listed below.

3. Once you are ready to pick up your kitten

We accept: 
1) Cash
(in person) 
2) PayPal payment (requires payment a week in advance) charge is 4%
3) Square Payments swipe (card present) charge is 2.85% 
manual charge (over the phone) is 3.86%

Final payment: total does not include any additional services. 

Your itemized contract will indicate all additional charges you've requested.

Please make sure all PayPal payments are emailed to 

We have included additional up charge on all PayPal and Square payments since that is what those services charge us for the use of their secure website to ensure safe and fast money transfers. 

Interested in paying with PayPal? As an added convenience for our customers we are now able to accept PayPal payments through our website.

Click below to use PayPal—it's easy.