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Pedigree from Purebred Maine Coon Stock

LAST UPDATE ; 9/18/19


Wahoo (male)

Born ; 5/7/2019
Cream Mack 4x Polydactyl


Moa (male)

Born ; 5/7/2019
Cream with White Classic 2x Polydactyl

Skipjack (female)

Born ; 5/7/2019
Brown with white patched


Eva (female)

Born ; 7/11/2018
Black w/ white
$1000 $800

Alphinaud (male)

Born ; 5/04/2018
Silver Classic x4 Polydactyl
$2000 $1200 $1000



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These scammers are NOT Graro. I have no affiliation with them.

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Kittens are not viewable until after their shots. If you would like to purchase a kitten, a deposit will hold that kitten until they are ready to be released. If you wait until their release date to purchase there is a good chance they will be already sold.

Kittens sold with: NYS contract, spay/neuter and no declawing contract.


Please review our buying policies & then Contact Us. We will contact you to discuss which Maine Coon is right for you. To purchase or to make an appointment we first require the completion of our adoption questionnaire. Upon completion we will generally respond within the week. If you do not receive a response from us in that time, please e-mail us at


At Graro Maine Coons We Have Very Large Boys!

We are the only Maine Coon cattery on Long Island to have VERY LARGE BOYS. Our largest, Micky, is 33 pounds and we have had girls reach 18 pounds at 1 year old.  Breeders that state it is unhealthy (falsely) for Coons to be more than 17–18 pounds do not have the big ones and do not have the years of experience we do.

All the cats & kittens at Graro are purebred Maine Coons.



30 LBS.




29 LBS.




28 LBS.




Big Girls Too! 28 LBS.


Maine Coons Generally Have:

  • Lush coats in most colors, including tortoiseshell

  • Occasionally have Lynx tips that give them a 'lynx-like' appearance

  • Most common breed color/pattern is brown with tabby markings

  • Eye color varies widely: all patterns may have green, green-gold, or gold or a combination of blue eyes, or one blue eye with one gold eye, are possible in white coat cats

  • Share similar facial markings, ex. a distinct "M" shape on the forehead which is a dominant Tabby trait


Happy and Healthy Kittens

At Graro Cattery we have been lovingly raising pedigree Maine Coon cats and kittens for years. We are a CFA registered cattery name located in beautiful West Islip, Long Island, NY. We live 2 miles from the beaches and Atlantic Ocean. All our cats are CFA registered and have proof of pedigree. We do not consider our in-home cattery a 'cattery'. We put great emphasis on the quality of the lives of our Maine Coons so that when they arrive at your home they will become your beloved family cat. When you buy kittens, they expect adoration and tolerance, and return love, affection and hours of amusement. Our goal as quality Maine Coon breeders is towards producing a healthy cat that is a friendly and family oriented pet with the classic gentle giant look and IMPRESSIVE SIZE. We place our Maine Coon kittens in homes where they will receive the love, care and attention that they are so willing to give to their new family. We are based in New York and can deliver your Maine Coon kitten by car (for a reasonable fee) to the following locations: The tri-state area New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennslyvania, Ohio, all of New England, mid-Atlantic states, all of the East Coast including New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and of course Maine! Mid-West customers thru West Coast, please contact us to make arrangements to pick-up your pet in person. In some cases, we can meet you part way by car for an additional fee. Also we NO LONGER SHIP INTERNATIONALLY OR DOMESTICALLY. If you are interested in purchasing from us, please contact us.

Certified Maine Coon Cattery Since 1998!

Grarov Cattery is a CFA Registered Cattery
Grarov Cattery DBA

All the cats & kittens at Graro are purebred Maine Coons.


Contact Us

Please keep in mind Graro Cattery is also our home. Here, I raise my four children along with your future babies. Therefore, upon pre-approval, you will be invited into our home to visit and meet our cats.

Please read our Policies before completing our Adoption Questionnaire. Once your inquiry is reviewed we will contact you within 72 hours to discuss which of our available kittens will be a possible suitable match for your home.